We at Go Active Fishing are very fortunate to have secured fly fishing in France and also to have acquired the advice, service and help of Jeremy Lucas in the choice of fisheries.

The rivers in the Artois region are exceptionally beautiful and are all Category One rivers which are rivers which contain salmonids. The Ternoise, Lys, Aa, Canche, Planquette, Course and Créquoise are among the rivers on which Go Active Fishing has arranged guided fly fishing


The fishing on these rivers will test the most skilful angler and  ranges from the extremely technical and demanding to that experienced on the chalk streams of southern Britain. Target species are wild brown trout and grayling. Although the vast majority of fish are truly wild, there are a number of rivers in which stocked rainbows are present.


The policy of catch and release is strictly applied by our guides in order that the rivers can continue to provide excellent opportunities for experienced anglers.

Angling parties are generally small to allow the full enjoyment of these small rivers. It is preferable that parties consist of two anglers but a single angler will garner a wonderful education on these rivers with Jeremy.


The trips can be from three days to one week in duration. Full accommodation is provided and is less than one hour from the Channel Tunnel. 


Full Board is supplied with packed lunches included.

Transfer to fishing each day is included but transfer from the Channel Tunnel or Ferry Port is not included but can be arranged if required by Go Active Fishing.

The fishing is bank based and wading and the terrain is suitable for persons with average fitness. Fishing is from early March to September inclusive for trout and grayling and there is no winter fishing for grayling.

The rod lengths required are varied but all conditions and situations should be covered by a 9-10ft rod with low AFTM rating  and a shorter rod of 7-8ft, again with a low AFTM.

Tippet is generally 0.10-0.14mm and all fishing is exclusively with a full floater.

Plume tips, Oppos and various nymphs are a must for these rivers and are readily available to purchase locally.

This fishing is challenging due to the wildness of the trout and as always the more experienced anglers nearly always have more success but our excellent guide will place you in the best possible area to catch these wonderful trout and grayling. The best results are achieved with nymph and dry fly, especially plume tips, in late May to September.



Guests will need permits which will be supplied on arrival. A full translation service and all dealings with fishing organisations and government bodies is included.

A printed AAPPMA (rod licence) for the period of the visit is mandatory and which can be obtained on-line from the nationwide AAPPMA website, at a cost of €35 per week. This must be purchased prior to arrival by guests.

For the non-fishing days there are a number of highly attractive local destinations. As this is northern France, the Artois, with its fascinating and diverse history and culture, will give our guests the chance to immerse themselves in this charming part of Northern France. The house is five kilometres from the ancient battle-site of Agincourt and within reach of some of the most contested regions in both world wars.

Just to whet your appetite a recent article from Jeremy describes the Artois region wonderfully

"We have just returned from a trip to the Seven Valleys area of northern France, and frankly wishing we were back there.  This incredibly beautiful area being essentially an immense chalk plateau (actually, the largest chalk deposit in the world) is laced with trout streams among tranquil, wooded river valleys.  They are mostly small streams all flowing into the Canche which itself is 96km long, flowing out to the English Channel to the north of the Somme.  My explorations of these rivers has only really just begun, and I am overwhelmed by their discovery.  Among other species there are trout, but mostly in small numbers and generally very difficult to approach.  The higher up the river valleys one travels the clearer and thinner the water, and the more spooky the trout become. Lower, and the streams take on the characteristic chalkiness, though even here the trout are reluctant to give themselves away by rising too freely.  I keep thinking that it is rivers such as these that make the French such outstanding river fly fishers.  In England we are blessed with more prolific trout streams, generally, and although this makes for good catches, it does not necessarily lift the standard of the angling population!


I recently spent half an hour stalking a good fish on the Ternoise, which is simply idyllic, only to spook it as I parted a little bankside foliage (which is copious) and only as it bolted did I notice two other fish, also now spooked, darting for cover in the shadows.  I think that fishing these stunning streams is probably the most challenging trout fishing one can experience, but also among the most rewarding.  I suppose they appeal to a connoisseur and will certainly not be for all.  But then again, for those who yearn for rivers undamaged by agriculture, as they once were in southern England, they are perfection. "

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Tour Length: 3 to 7 Days Fishing (Individual Tours)

Level of Challenge: High

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