Master Classes


Jeremy Lucas

In addition to the standard packages in England and Northern France on offer from Jeremy Lucas, Go Active Fishing is offering a number of limited places at master classes with Jeremy.

Jeremy is well known as an England International all-rounder and captain, with over forty years of fly fishing experience. He is also a fully qualified fly fishing instructor to APGAI level and a guide to some of the most beautiful locations in the world for wild brown trout and grayling. Jeremy can take you through the whole spectrum of fishing and casting with a single-handed fly rod. His methodologies are ground breaking and a master class will emphasise the very essence of good practise in the pursuit of wild fish.

A master class with Jeremy is the ultimate fly fishing experience whether on the Eden, the San in Poland, the  chalk streams in Northern France or the Sumava National Park in the Czech Republic.

You will really need to book early as places are heavily sought after and strictly limited.



A recent article by Jeremy illustrates and epitomises the direction that he pursues in his efforts to improve his and other’s techniques in the pursuit of wild fish. The essence of the approach is simple fly presentation in a natural manner as illustrated by the following article:





“This changes everything…”

Fly fishing, at its best, is delightfully simple. Minimalistic, elegant, subtle, but mostly, just simple. At its core is the idea of presentation. A fly fisher’s success is a direct consequence of how the fly is delivered, and its behaviour on and in the water. Although, maybe, fly fishing at its best is just about that simplicity. Good presentation is not a variable, it is an absolute, while trout and grayling behaviour is universal; only the waters and the circumstances are different, and even then there are constants.


The advances in the sport of fly fishing have been almost entirely river-based. I am not talking about the proliferation of any of the methods that are used to catch stocked fish in great numbers. I am not talking about stocked fish at all.  And on the river I am not talking about the squirmy-type flies, or indicator nymph fishing, or anything really that has become part of the instant gratification fad in the sport. If these things are for you, well, good luck, and enjoy.

Modern trout and grayling flies have developed considerably to be so much more than subjective, irrational collections of materials with variable ability to induce fish to take.  Today’s flies, while simple and pragmatic, have built-in characteristics that affect both their presentation and general impression of size and shape, GISS, in an imitative sense. So too has the line, leader and tippet evolved considerably. These now allow outstanding presentation in all ranges of circumstances and conditions facing the contemporary fly fisher. This is what we have always sought. I call it the ultimate refinement. It often involves little or no fly line whatsoever, with the leader-to-hand or leader-only concept, or the fixed line, as in tenkara. Shortcomings in conventional fly lines and particularly the out-dated AFTMA weighting system, and the tired technology of thick PVC lines, have become obvious, though we now have a new generation of fly lines which as never before meet the requirements of the presentation-orientated angler."


Due to popular demand for these classes early booking is essential

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