New Zealand

New Zealand Trout

From the late 1860s brown trout from Europe were introduced throughout New Zealand to provide angling opportunities. They established themselves well and through natural dispersion the population grew and, aligned with pristine water quality and lack of natural predators, New Zealand Brown Trout, are today a much revered species capable of testing the most accomplished angler.

Rainbow Trout were also introduced around the same period and also established themselves rapidly with unspoilt habitat helping to maximise their size and population.

Joe 002 A Typical Brown Trout


The Fly Fishing season in New Zealand runs from October until May with the best back country wild fishing being from November until May. Summer months run from December to March but being surrounded by so much water the weather can be variable and there can be rain during the summer months. However we expect the temperatures to be mild to warm.

October to December is an exciting time to go fishing. Being early in the season the fish are active, hungry and haven’t seen anglers for a while so are more likely to take a fly. At this time dry fly fishing can be limited so nymph fishing produces better results.

January and February are the best months for fishing. With  warmer weather large dry flies are abundant on the rivers with cicada and hoppers especially prolific. As the weather is warmer the fish are seeking cooler water and the rivers and streams run low and clear which makes for awesome but skilled fishing in the back country area.


A Beautifully Proportioned Rainbow

Fishing Gear

Gear and tackle are included for all Fly Fishing days however if there is anyone who would be more comfortable with their own gear they are more than welcome to bring it along.

A dull neutral coloured floating fly line is recommended – olive, grey, white or clear, as the New Zealand waters are so clear.

Long leaders of fluorocarbon or nylon fishing lines are recommended and a 9ft, 5 or 6 weight  rod is recommended. A reel with a good drag system and at least 100 yards of backing is a must so a large fish hooked heading down stream isn’t a problem.

Waders are an option. The Southern waterways tend to be a bit cooler so some Fly Fisherman prefer to bring these, or a light weight stocking foot with a rubber sole boot if waders are not used. A common way of wading in NZ is to ‘wet wade’ which is wearing shorts over polypropylene tights and rubber sole boots.



Other Gear to Consider

  • Clothing for both warm and cooler weather, as it can be unpredictable given New Zealand’s climate.
  • Clothing should be dull or neutral coloured
  • Polaroid sunglasses
  • Cap or wide brim hat
  • Sunscreen – a very high SPF factor as the New Zealand sun is very harsh
  • Insect repellent


 The pristine wilderness streams and rivers of New Zealand make for a fly fishing experience like no other. The North and South Island offering different experiences with the volcanic terrain of the central North Island being home to predominately Rainbow Trout and the scenic South Island being a prime destination for brown trout. Go Active Fishing have put together a combined programme of fishing and sightseeing which will ensure you enjoy an experience of a lifetime! For details click on “Itinerary” below

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