Our Team

Ian Forrester

Ian Derriana

The founding of GoActiveFishing started with Ian Forrester. Ian wanted to actively promote conservation through carefully choosing locations where both conservation and sustainability were paramount. Local community benefits were primary amongst his thoughts whereby economic, social and preservation ideals would enhance the daily lives of local residents.

The entrepreneur, philanthropist and adventure seeker is the inspiration behind GoActiveFishing. He was seeking to share his broad and extraordinary experiences he made while travelling the world and gathering a whole variety of special memories of adventures and encounters. The idea was to set up a small select operation which would offer trips to all the best fishing locations around the world that he himself had so much cherished. This is how the destinations that you can travel to with GoActiveFishing were selected – handpicked by the founder and owner himself.


Nigel Barrow

Nigel Barrow started his guiding career when he travelled to British Columbia in 1974. Since then his fishing and guiding expeditions have taken him worldwide. Not only fresh but saltwater fishing with heavy and light tackle. me at brooks

Go Active Fishing welcomes him on board as part of our pro staff. If you have any questions about your up and coming fishing trip Nigel can assist you.

He will be based in Alaska for the summer months where he works as a trout and salmon guide but you can reach him all year round at goactivefishing@gmail.com

John Murphy

John is our resident expert on flyfishing. Living in the South West of Ireland, John has  fished the area over the past thirty years as well as many other destinations throughout Ireland and internationally. John is a very active participant in the conservation of Atlantic salmon and seatrout being a director of the conservation group Salmon Watch Ireland.


John has also a background in wildlife ecology and environmental sustainability and as such has a unique insight into how our business can help sustain local communities without compromising the very essence of our product "the fish and their habitat".

John is responsible for giving life to our products through our websites and social media and any details you wish to discuss, John will be delighted to answer your questions.