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Go Active Fishing is delighted to be involved with Tim Rolson in opening up this unique part of South Africa for our guests.

Cape Town is a vibrant location and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city environs are not suitable for trout due to high temeratures but it is remarkable that only an hours drive into the mountains, some wonderful trout fly fishing opportunities present themselves.

Cool vibrant streams flow from these mountains and are unique and unspoilt due to farsighted management practises adopted by South Africa.


The trout are truly wild and self sustaining and indeed are very discerning to presentation of artificial fly and will test the skill of even the most experienced angler. The trout are  remarkable with colouration suitable for these clear streams making them a most beautiful quarry.

Go Active Fishing, in conjunction with Tim, will ensure that you share our passion for these streams and  experience their ever changing vibrancy.

Large trout are caught each season up to 50cm but the average size is somewhat smaller.

The uniquely clear streams provide unsurpassed opportunities for sight fishing which Tim specializes in and this type of fishing allows anglers to test their knowledge and presentation skills to their utmost. This is the premier discipline in trout fly fishing and indeed the most enjoyable as man is pitted against the wildness of nature.


Our main waters are the Elandspad, Smalblaar, Holsloot Rivers which lie approximately one hours drive from central Cape Town

Fishing varies from near roadside to a long hike into the mountains depending on client fitness and preference. In summer months hiking offers better fishing. Our preferred method of wading is wet wading and as the streams are not particularily cold  a suitable wading boot/ shoe is required with good grip.


The area that we fish is strictly catch and release and fly only thus preserving this unique ecosystem.

The trout are all wild with a thriving healthy population due to an unspoilt environment and good management.

The rainbow trout is particularily prevalent but brown trout can be taken on longer hikes with some smallmouth bass in the streams particularily in summer months. Generally speaking the rainbows are 30cm on average with larger fish more prevalent on the lower sections of our streams.

The most prolific fishing is early summer, October and November depending on the rains. The season runs from September to May inclusive. The better sight fishing occurs as the water levels drop and the most difficult and technical fishing is during the summer when flows are low and the fish wary and ever increasingly picky about their quarry. In February to March the better fishing requires longer hikes into the mountains to reach cooler water.

As our streams are predominantly small  and light gear is the order of the day the preference is for rods in the 8’4” range and rated AFTM #3 with double taper floating lines are all that is required on these rivers. The majority of fishing is dry fly and light nymphing except when flows are very high early and late season.

The crystal clear water, Catch and Release fishing and bright African summer days mean spooky fish and long leaders from 14 to 20 feet long tapered to 7x or 8x tippet are the norm.

Small dry flies and nymphs, smaller as the season progresses, with the larger sizes #12 more suitable for early season and much of the summer flies down to #20. Parachute Dries, Comparaduns, Ants, and “Frenchie” style nymphs are all effective.

Tim Rolston can supply all tackle, tippet, leaders and flies to guided clients. There are local fly shops who offer flyfishing equipment for purchase.

Regulations limit fishing to two anglers per beat, the streams are prebooked for each party and the beats are then for their exclusive use during the day.

Early season skilled anglers might expect to catch up to fifty fish in a day, later as the water levels drop so will the catch rates. However the lower water offers better sight fishing and in many ways more exciting fishing as a result.



Go Active Travel has arranged a wonderful itinerary to ensure that you get the best opportunities to fly fish in this part of South Africa.

Go Active Fishing offer a full service including day-by-day guiding on the streams of the Limietberg region. Tackle, permits, transportation, flies and consumables, lunch and refreshments are included so everything bar clothing is provided. Clients should however provide their own clothing and footwear suitable for wet wading.

Clothing should be quick drying and in muted colours. In addition clients should bring, Polarized glasses, a hat, sunblock and a change of clothing. A light rain jacket in case of inclement weather early and late season.

Go Active Fishing will arrange your accommodation in Cape Town dependant on your preference. Full board or partial board can be arranged. Transport from airport and all daily transfers to fishing locations are included.

International air transfer can be arranged at preferrential rates separately.

As the locations are remote and streams are boulder strewn we wish to advise that the fishing is not suitable for physically challenged persons.


The guided fishing is limited to two anglers but non-fishing partners are as always well catered for by Go Active Fishing.

Cape Town is a major tourist centre and there are a very wide range of activities on offer to visitors, ranging from shark cage diving to trips up Table Mountain. The city is very well geared to catering for visitors.

Cape Town is awash with activities, wine tours, tour guides, bus trips and more. Non fishing partners or non fishing days can be filled to the brim with numerous options of cultural or tourist interest.

Our sister company Go Active Travel will be pleased to arrange.

The Cape Province is free of Malaria, Bilharzia or similar diseases and no special precautions are required for visitors. On stream there are some biting horse flies but they don’t offer any significant health risks. The mountains are home to some poisonous snakes they are however not aggressive and actually rarely seen.  

Trout Rainbow Tim

Overall a wonderful area and one you must visit to experience the beauty of this unspoilt part of the world. The experience of fishing by sight for wild rainbows in small streams is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences that you can find throughout the fly fishing world.

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