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County Kerry is an area of unspoilt beauty with a landscape that has changed little throughout its post glacial existence. The lakes and rivers are home to a rich and varied ecosystem with wild brown trout abundant and Atlantic salmon and seatrout present in numbers.

The wild brown trout are prolific in all of the lakes and rivers of the area. While generally not large they more than make up for their size by their sheer abundance and willingness to take a fly.


A good sea trout ready for release

Traditional wet fly fishing from a drifting boat will generally produce excellent results and dry fly fishing can produce spectacular catches when conditions suit. The main seasons for brown trout are from early April right through to mid-October. The duck fly and olives are evident in April and this is a normally a productive time on all of the lakes but a particularly rewarding time in the area is mid-June to August especially in the evenings when large sedge hatches can make the wild brownies feed avidly. September and October see a more aggressive trout with spawning and the onset of winter causing the trout to become active. 

Atlantic salmon and seatrout also arrive in the lakes and rivers of Kerry from late spring with May to October seeing the best of the fishing.



 The Waterville system near our Lodge at Derriana is one of the most important fisheries in the region. The boats on Lough Derriana are situated adjacent to the  Lodge and this lake is home to Ireland's largest sea trout and  fishing in April to October gives the angler the chance of catching a fish of a lifetime. These lakes are strictly managed by the Waterville Lakes and Rivers Trust and all lakes are fished by boat only with no bank fishing allowed.

The rivers are also home to the pearl mussel, Margaritifera margaritifera, which is a relic of the ice age.

The pearl mussel is an amazing animal and has a symbiotic relationship with our native wild brown trout and Atlantic salmon.


Another unusual and rare fish, namely the Arctic char, is also present in a number of lakes in the area, and this again points to our unspoilt water and habitat quality


We have chosen a number of destinations within the Kerry region including all the lakes on the Waterville system, Currane, Cloonaughlin, Na Mona and Derriana. We have also included the wonderful Killarney catchment with Lough Leane and Muckross Lake. Caragh Lake is also included providing excellent wild trout fly fishing throughout the season.


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