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Go Active Fishing is very proud to offer anglers a chance to fish on the River San and to do so with some of Poland’s top guides.

The San was discovered by the fly fishing world in 1985 when the first Fly-fishing World Championship was organised – it was a different country in those days. The fishing here was rediscovered in 2005 during the European Championship – now, with Poland being in the European Union, with good infrastructure, and our wonderful fishing – it had to be a success. In 2010 the World Fly-fishing Championship was held on the San. Foreign anglers had seldom visited the San until now – but the Poles have always known of this special, secret place. They practiced and got to the top in most fly fishing competitions. It is from these winners that we have chosen our fishing guides and fly tiers to make your visit truly memorable. They know their job very well. This job is fishing and fishing at the highest level. Fishing in Paradise. Fishing at the Frontier.


They are at your service and will guide you through all levels - from the very basic tuition to master-level skills of European and World Champions. They will also tie you perfect flies and teach you how to tie them if you wish. You don’t have to worry about accommodation, food, transportation - anything. You are here to fish. Go Active Fishing are pleased to host you and take care of everything.


As the waters are strictly catch and release it is obligatory to use barbless hooks. To this end Go Active Fishing can arrange to have flies available to suit the conditions prevalent at the time of visit. The correct patterns can be purchased on arrival.

The equipment suitable for the San is not onerous and comprises the following which will suit most occasions

Fly rods
#4 – #6 will do in most cases. If you want to focus on the Danube Salmon (Huchen, Taimen) – 7-9 weight is recommended.
Fly reels
To suit your rod and fly line with at least 50 meters of backing (In case you hit a Taimen or huge trout – it happens!)
Fly Lines
Floating lines 80% of the time. Dull in colour if possible. Sink Tip lines are needed for early season, and other periods with high water and stronger flows.

Leader and tippet

The later in the season we are – the longer it gets. My personal experience is 4′ – 5′ single piece 0.30 mm leader for streamers in spring; 9′ tapered down to 0.14 mm till July, 12′ – 15′ tapered down to 0.10 mm in autumn


The San is a very wide river flowing through the beautiful Bieszczady mountains with the most productive and  interesting section for fly fishing below the Solina and Myczkowce reservoirs down to the town of Sanok.

fishingThe area downstream from the reservoirs has for the past decade remained a no-kill zone and stretches for seven kilometres and is now rightly regarded as one of Europe’s most incredible places to fly fish. The area of the no-kill zone remains prolific and indeed this policy has led to a vastly improving fishery downstream. There have been further areas included in the no-kill policy with Grayling protected down as far as the town of Sanok.


Why is this river so prolific? The answer lies in its rich ecosystem and unspoilt habitat which drives the production of a large and vibrant macro-invertebrate community which in turn has led to a large and diverse population of grayling and trout.

The hatches of Blue Winged Olives are synonymous with this river and for the angler who wishes to understand how a freshwater system works just look under the macrophytes or cobbles on the San and witness the vast quantities of Gamarrus, Caddis and other invertebrates and you will understand how the river has such wonderful stocks of trout and grayling. Go Active Fishing is extremely supportive of the policy of catch and release and policies on the San river are among the most progressive in the World. All concerned should be congratulated for their work.

The San is truly unique and we at Go Active Fishing are delighted to have some of Poland's premier guides as our representatives on this fascinating river.

Go Active Fishing can offer you an angling opportunity inclusive of in-country travel, accommodation, meals and guided fishing with professional guides. This opportunity includes the services of some of Poland's best known and respected fishing guides and as always Go Active Fishing has arranged that all levels of angling expertise are catered for from beginners to the more experienced.


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